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Hindu Group Exhorts Wealthy Indians to Aid Victims of Earthquake. Condemns Organizations Calling Tragedy a Vengeful Act of God

Troy, Michigan--December 28, 2004--Navya Shastra, a global organization of scholars, activists, priests and laypeople dedicated to fostering the spiritual equality of all Hindus, has called upon the global Hindu community to contribute generously to the victims of the December 26 earthquake, which claimed over 6000 lives--according to the latest estimates-- in India alone. "Our religious ideals, enshrined in the Vedas and the Thirukkural, exhort us to give to those in need", said VC Vijayaraghavan, a Navya Shastra member from London, "this is all the more important because so many of the victims were innocent children."

Navya Shastra also condemned organizations in India who blamed the devastating earthquake on the arrest of the Kanchi Acharya, Sri Jayendra Saraswati. "Hindus should not ascribe the disaster to divine retribution", said Rajarathina Bhattar, Navya Shastra advisor and Houston priest, "at times like these sane voices must prevail."