Adapted from Traditional Hindu Scriptures

Prof. V. V. Raman

A wholesome society has people with diverse interests and talents:

There are those who study, meditate, and reflect: the thinking ones.

There are those who manage and govern: the administering ones.

There are those who engage in commerce: the trading ones.

There are those who work and produce: the laboring ones.

None is more important, and none any less.

None is more exalted, and none too lowly,

For all are essential for the well-being of society.

May each person follow the path of one's own talent and inclination.

May knowledge and wisdom come to those that strive for it.

May caring and compassion come to those that make the laws.

May fairness and honesty be with those who trade.

May commitment and just recompense be part of those that labor.

May there be appreciation for each other's contribution.

May there be respect for each other's work and profession.

May all act in accordance with the laws of the country.

May the laws of the country be fair and just.

May justice always prevail.

May our children grow under the guidance of caring parents.

May our young people have respect for teachers and elders.

May there be unconditional love in every family.

May there be joy and harmony in the community.

May there be happiness in the whole world.

May there be peace, peace, and peace in the world.