Letter to the Editor

Navya Shastra submitted this letter to the The Hindu and Indian Express.

Letter to Congressman Joseph R. Pitts

Navya Shastra submitted this rebuttal to Congressman Joe Pitt's article on Dalits and Hinduism which appeared in http://www.truthnews.net/world/2005010096.htm on January 28, 2005

Letter to Various Hindu religious Ashrams and Mutts

Navya Shastra's request for endorsement for Apology to Dalits first issued on April1, 2006

Letter to Sri Sri Ravishankar

Navya Shastra wrote this letter in response to Sri Sri Ravishankar's initiative to bring about reconciliation between caste and Dalit Hindus Thousands vow to end caste divide on March 10, 2007

Navya Shastra response

to Resolution on Untouchability In India in US Congress