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New York, Nov 28 (IANS) A global Hindu group has urged leaders of the faith to end caste discrimination in their institutions. The group, Navya  Shastra, also said in a press note that the Vedic chanting tradition should be opened to all instead of being restricted to upper caste Brahmins. Jaishree Gopal, Navya Shastra co-chairperson, said: "The only way to save the Vedic chanting tradition is to initiate sincere members of all castes, ...

…resulting in a dwindling supply of Vedic experts. The organisation is lobbying Hindu leaders to implement caste blind initiation policies at an Acharya Sabha meet to be held in Chennai from Saturday.


… "Here we have a historic opportunity to declare to the world that Hinduism will reform itself for ever of caste discrimination," said Vikram Masson, Navya Shastra co-chairman.


 "Hinduism, which is thousands of years old, has never had a significant reformist movement," said Arun Gandhi, Navya Shastra adviser and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. "I believe the new millennium now offers Hinduism an opportunity to change its ancient ... , 27997 bytes